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Pre-Application Planning

  1. Determine the requirements and procedure to follow for your particular visa category;
  2. Request and review all documentation from you and work with you to prepare all relevant forms;
  3. Liaise with any external bodies and inform you of any assessments or tests you must undergo prior to the lodgement of your visa application.

Visa Application Lodgement

  1. Collate and present all of the necessary forms and supporting documentation in the format preferred by DIAC;
  2. Prepare a detailed covering letter to support the key strengths of your application;
  3. Deliver your application and supporting documentation to the appropriate DIAC office or Australian Diplomatic Mission.

Monitoring and Decision Notification

  1. Closely monitor and inform you of the progress of your application until DIBP reaches a decision;
  2. Notify you immediately of the outcome.

Other Features

  1. You can trough online service to communicate with your visa advisor;
  2. You can also visit our website and submit your enquires;
  3. You are free to follow our official WeChat Platform and website to reach latest immigration news.

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